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Fork 1: Pathology and the Study of Paths

During your passage from the mentality of childhood to self-determination, you will encounter many challenges. This kit contains information and tools that will help you through each one. Your responsibility is to get to what you need in time to be prepared to cope with each high-risk situation by the time you encounter it.

To help you select a path through this material that matches your particular circumstance, fork pages are included throughout the kit. This is the first of these forks, and so we will start with demographic information. Please feel free to include as much or as little personal information as you choose.

“Tell us about yourself” :

Which of the following emotions is a particular problem for you?

Choose the Incentive you want to learn more about

Traps for the Soul

  • Pornography
  • Cybersex
  • Gambling
  • Gaming

    Degree of problem

    beck scales

    MAST - P.229 - http://counsellingresource.com/quizzes/alcohol-mast/index.html

    Internal locus of control - p. 198 marked items

    p. 263 marked items

    p. 163,marked items

    P. 169 -marked items

    p.322 - marked items -needs work

    p.343 - examples of HRS

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