About the author    Bill Dubin


  • Bill received his doctoral degree in Psychology from the University of Iowa.
  • He is a Licensed Psychologist and has been awarded: Certificate of Proficiency in the Treatment of Alcohol and Other Psychoactive Substance Use Disorders awarded by the American Psychological Association

Clinical Background and Interests

  • After returning to New York City from Iowa in 1972, Bill became director of the Adult Clinic and Diagnostic Center in New York City. The distinguished faculty of this clinical group included famed author and Neurologist, Oliver Sachs. Bill then became Chief of Service of the Intensive Care Unit of Adolph Meyer Psychiatric Center.
  • Bill moved to Austin to become Director of Clinical Services of the Brown Schools, Ranch Treatment Center. in 1981. This 120-bed psychiatric hospital specialized in providing state-of-the-art treatment to individuals with severe behavior problems due to Traumatic Brain Injury or Mental Illness.
  • In 1984 Bill joined his wife, Tina Dubin, Ph.D. (also a Psychologist) in private practice, and established Psychological ARTS PC. Both Tina and Bill worked with couples and the individual problems that caused problems for the relationship.
  • During the 1980s Bill became more focused on Incentive Use Disorders and helping his clients escape dependence on substances [e.g., alcohol, drugs, food] or acclivities [e.g. gambling, sex/pornography, shopping, gaming].
  • Bill's practice is restricted to high-functioning individuals. In most cases their problems are not the result of a disease or defect that renders them powerless and requiring they turn over responsibility for good outcome to an external agent such as a treatment provider or self-help group. Rather, the problems that motivate them to change their ways result from patterns of thinking and behavior that are best changed by the individual.
  • Over the years, Bill has developed a wide range of strategies to cope with crises of stress and temptation as well as exercises to strengthen the faculties required to perform as intended during the critical moments.
  • Solving puzzles of the Psyche is Bill's passion.